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The creator of Self Makers, Conor Lynch, launched his first personal brand website in 1999. Yes, a personal brand website an incredible 22 years ago! This was followed by personal brand profile pages which became common on social networks he mastered like Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube etc. Conor is the original self-styled ‘self maker’ who has built a very successful and rewarding career with a combination of jobs, side-hustles and business start-ups.

From his earliest career, he has recognised the world of work is always changing radically and he set up many side-hustles at home in his free time in the last two decades. As Conor was about to travel on a working visa to Australia, he decided to hire a friend to put together a simple personal brand website to show off his skills in online marketing. It worked and he quickly got a great job in Sydney with a four year employment visa.

While in Australia, Conor launched a more edgy personal brand called Conman. This was mostly a t-shirt brand and had some notable successes before being replaced by a safer personal brand ‘Connector’ in 2008. This personal brand had the name ‘Conor’ hidden in it and started off as a blog and meetups for the digital community. It grew to become a successful marketing agency achieving seven figure annual revenues.

However, in recent years as the complexities and opportunities grow, he noticed that most people are not naturally skilled at managing their careers like a business and as a result, so many just drift along.

With job security and job satisfaction in decline, more people want to take control of their careers. In the US, almost 50% of the workforce are now freelancers and the rest of the world will likely follow this trend. Of those who have a side hustle in the US, 58% dream of working at it full time.

So to help others achieve their goals and embark on a similar journey, Conor curated a lifetime of learnings in managing careers and start-ups into our personalised profiler tools. As an experienced educator and problem solver, he is committed to helping others to accelerate their career journeys. That’s where Self Makers comes in.

Conor has worked with many people on personal brands in sectors like food (Roz Purcell), sports (Tadhg Furlong), consulting (Gerard Reid). He has also helped set up many collaborations between influencers, talented creators with brands like Huawei, Volkswagen and Sony.

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  • "Conor is the real deal in creating digital businesses. Talk to him".

    Brendan Courtney Brendan Courtney TV Presenter - Fashion Designer - MC
  • "Conor, you are amazing. Thanks for everything".

    Roz Purcell Roz Purcell Natural Born Feeder
  • "I've studied international business for many years.
    I'd recommend Conor to support anyone creating a personal brand or a digital business."

    Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza President & CEO ISAAAC
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