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Climb the ladders faster

You are facing stiff competition as you try to climb the employment ladder. Rise faster with personal branding support and long-term opportunity mapping.

You may not know how to increase your chances of promotion, or how to pivot into a completely new career sector.

How can we help?

Even if you are employed, you should still be in control of your career. We can help you transform your future prospects with a clear career plan.

Power your self-made career. We offer personalised growth plans to help you achieve self-made success.

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– Co-create a personalised career growth plan with us
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What others say

“If you are starting a business or re-imagining your career, Self Makers is for you. A wealth of great advice awaits.”
Stephen Conmy, Content Specialist

“I’ve studied international business for many years.
I’d recommend Conor to support anyone creating a personal brand or a digital business.”
Dr Domingo Sanchez Zarza, Business Consultant

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  • "Conor is the real deal in creating digital businesses. Talk to him".

    Brendan Courtney Brendan Courtney TV Presenter - Fashion Designer - MC
  • "Conor, you are amazing. Thanks for everything".

    Roz Purcell Roz Purcell Natural Born Feeder
  • "I've studied international business for many years.
    I'd recommend Conor to support anyone creating a personal brand or a digital business."

    Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza President & CEO ISAAAC