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Self Makers Launch Parties

Self Makers Launch Parties

Self Makers is planning a launch party for itself soon but wants to share the fun with others too. That’s where the Self Makers Launch Parties come in. We want to give opportunities to new businesses to showcase their ventures and toast a drink to new beginnings.

Business is incredibly tough and people are struggling. We want to help people keep their spirits up and celebrate the wins. While we cannot be together physically, we want to virtually get together and help the small business community support each other and network with potential clients, referrers and collaborators.

This is an exciting opportunity for new founders, solopreneurs and freelancers to launch themselves into the world!

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What you can expect

When you join us for the Self Makers Launch Party, you will enjoy an evening of business creators presenting their new launches, and have the opportunity to showcase yours too. A chance to be inspired by others’ successes and innovations. The presentation session will then be followed by a collaborative question and answer session. The Launch Party is a perfect opportunity to chat with like-minded people who can potentially transform your network.

Who is it for?

The Launch Party is for people who are preparing to or have recently started a new venture, and want to have their time to shine. If you are in the early stages of a venture or are just keen to get involved in the entrepreneurial world, you are most welcome!

Perhaps you are a business-minded person who misses networking and socialising. Why not support others, meet new people and join us for an evening of fun?


Our founder Conor has run launch parties for a long time and is most memorable for the ‘Connector Launches’ event in 2009 where he helped launch 10 businesses in one evening. Some are still going strong today including: Olytico, Progressine Productions and the Digital Times. This is a rare opportunity for your business to be acknowledged by a reputable business creator.

Register for the Launch Party, pour yourself a drink, get ready to celebrate and join us for an evening of collaboration.


You must also contact [email protected] with a quick introduction to yourself and your business.


Find event details and register for free through the Self Makers Members Area

Please connect with us on social media @selfmakers_com and #selfmakers

Connect with Conor

Thursday - February 04, 2021
11:00 am

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  • "Conor is the real deal in creating digital businesses. Talk to him".

    Brendan Courtney Brendan Courtney TV Presenter - Fashion Designer - MC
  • "Conor, you are amazing. Thanks for everything".

    Roz Purcell Roz Purcell Natural Born Feeder
  • "I've studied international business for many years.
    I'd recommend Conor to support anyone creating a personal brand or a digital business."

    Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza President & CEO ISAAAC
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