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The definition of a career today is different to what it was a generation ago. We are living longer, job-hopping more frequently, incomes are stagnating and job satisfaction is falling. Millions of people around the world want to take greater ownership of their careers, whether as an employee, doing jobs on the side or as a business owner. The goal of the Self Makers Workbooks is to show you how to create your own career journey, with the potential for multiple careers and multiple incomes.

People now expect to have multiple careers during their longer working lives, so it is critical to plan ahead.

Are you an independent worker or do you want to be? Are you self-employed, a freelancer, a contractor or a side hustler? Maybe you are a ‘Self Maker’? Our books are all about realising this potential.

Self Makers take control of their careers. They are ambitious to get ahead in life and driven to meet their career goals. Self Makers manage their career like a business and make a living selling their time, products or services.

The Self Makers Navigator Workbook

The Self Makers Navigator is a do-it-yourself toolkit to help you understand where you currently are in your career, and what options are available to you moving forward.

At Self Makers we are here to co-create your very own personalised career plan. We’re with our members every step of the way.


The Self Makers Accelerator Workbook

At Self Makers we want to help you accelerate towards self-made success. We help you thrive with a personalised career path that motivates, inspires and rewards you.

The Self Makers Career Accelerator is a do-it-yourself toolkit to help you speed towards your target destination. We’re with our members every step of the way.


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