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Self Makers Studio can help you build a business around your brand. We can advise and connect with you expert partners we work with from around the world in areas like branding, design, photography, video, websites, apps and campaigns.

The creator of Self Makers, Conor Lynch, launched his first personal brand website in 1999. Yes, a personal brand website an incredible 21 years ago! This was followed by personal brand profile pages which became common on social networks he mastered like Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube etc.

Conor has worked with many people on personal brands in sectors like food (Roz Purcell), sports (Tadhg Furlong), consulting (Gerard Reid). He has also helped set up many collaborations between influencers, talented creators with brands like Huawei, Volkswagen and Sony.

Talk to a genuine expert about your business – please get in touch for a virtual coffee!

  • "Conor is the real deal in creating digital businesses. Talk to him".

    Brendan Courtney Brendan Courtney TV Presenter - Fashion Designer - MC
  • "Conor, you are amazing. Thanks for everything".

    Roz Purcell Roz Purcell Natural born feeder
  • "I've studied international business for many years. Conor is who I'd recommend to support anyone creating a personal brand or a digital business."

    Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza Dr. Domingo Sanchez Zarza President & CEO ISAAAC Association
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