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At Self Makers, our mission is powering self-made careers.

Most people struggle to achieve their career potential and would like to have more impact and income. Therefore, at Self Makers, we specialise in the co-creation of personalised action learning plans, to help you enjoy a more rewarding career.

So, if you are ambitious and want more career independence, let Self Makers help you achieve self-made success.

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Powering Self-Made Careers

As career independence is on the rise, we help ambitious people succeed faster with our personalised career action plans.


You’re juggling many tasks, with new ‘to-dos’ everyday. You’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or contractor, wanting to become self-made.

Side Hustlers
Side Hustlers

You’d like the opportunity to be your own boss. A successful side hustle allows you to earn extra income whilst keeping the security of your day job.


You are facing stiff competition as you try to climb the employment ladder. Rise faster with personal branding support and long term opportunity mapping.

Rate Yourself
Rate Yourself

At Self Makers, we help you 'Rate Yourself' against our key success drivers with our personalised self-assessment tool. Register now to 'Rate Yourself' as a self maker and receive your free report in minutes.

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