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Freelancing – Break Free

Freelancing – Break Free

Are you ready to leap towards flexibility and autonomy?

Freelancing – Break Free

Year on year, there is an increase in the number of freelancers joining the global workforce. According to Upwork, just over one in three Americans worked independently in some way in 2019.

As a result, the global workforce is now choosing rich and diverse career paths. The shift from rigid 9-5 jobs to flexible working is a worldwide trend that is likely to continue. Particularly considering the drastic changes to the working world as we know it.

Workers are taking control of their careers

Whether you can currently call yourself an ‘independent worker’, ‘self-employed’, a ‘side hustler’ or a ‘freelancer’, making a career move towards flexibility and autonomy could be a decision that will maximise your quality of life. To you, being a freelancer could mean working on additional projects outside your main job. This is a great way to make a secondary income. Perhaps you have a craving to break away from your regular job completely and pursue a full-time freelancing career. However far you may want to go in the freelancing world, you have the potential to work on exciting new projects, earn additional income and learn new skills.

Why freelancing is a fantastic career move for many

We often feel attracted to big organisations for apparently offering stability and financial security. But is that really the case any more? How much do employers really care about our personal development, lifestyle quality and personal values? Many workers dream their work is more intellectually challenging, more valuable and with higher impact.

The rigid procedure of ‘office’ work can be broken away by a move towards freelancing. Freelancers enjoy greater flexibility, the autonomy of being your own boss, greater work-life balance, new opportunities to learn and more meaningful work for many. Freelancers have control over their project choices and even their coworkers. Knowing that your time is being spent where it matters the most will hopefully lead to a more fulfilling life.

Despite the popularity of freelancing in the modern working world, there are still potential downsides to carefully consider before you make the leap. Are you ready to get out there and find clients? For 57% of freelancers, the worry of not attracting customers to their business is perceived as a major difficulty. Whilst 45.7% of freelancers worry about the income fluctuation, 26% fear not getting paid at all. Not to mention the absence of employee perks like health insurance and pension plans. Yes, lots to consider.

What about you?

The freelancer research from Upwork and the Freelancers Union in 2019 found that 89% of freelancers wish education better prepared them for freelance work.

For so many, the benefits of freelancing undoubtedly outweigh the drawbacks. There are trade-offs which need to be evaluated before your move. But they are all manageable and adaptable with the right support. Having the ‘right mindset’ to become a freelancer is essential, and the most important thing is your inner desire to achieve self-made success. Do you think you have what it takes to achieve autonomy and enjoy fulfilment in your career?

Are you tempted by all the benefits of being a freelancer? Want to discuss options that might be available to you?

If yes, luckily Self Makers is here to support you with your career goals and guide you when taking the steps towards self-made success.

Get in touch with Self Makers today.

Post by Erin Gaiger and Conor Lynch

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