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Plan your career with the free Self Makers Career Navigator

Plan your career with the free Self Makers Career Navigator

Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit

Introducing the Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit

We are facing a time of unprecedented uncertainty, confusion and contemplation of what the future may hold. Many people feel lost about where they are on their career journey. Perhaps during these periods of time of lockdown, you are reflecting on your career and your aspirations. You might have come to realise that where you thought you’d be right now, doesn’t match with where you would like to be.

Luckily here at Self Makers, we understand how you feel and want to help you prepare for a future full of change.

We are pleased to release the Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit to help you map your future. Created after extensive research, our Career Navigator Toolkit is perfect for when career choices need careful thought and planning. For when faith in ‘jobs’ is fading fast.

Are you facing career confusion?

The challenges of career change and new starts are tougher than ever in today’s economic climate. Not only does everything seem more risky in the midst of a pandemic, but you may feel that you have a great deal to lose if you deviate from what you know best. The feeling of being lost and stuck in a career that has become stagnant can be stressful and disheartening.

If you can relate to these types of feelings, you must remember that careers nowadays are not simply a long line of jobs as there is so much more to explore. A career can be a continuous collection of jobs, side-hustles, gigs and personal business ventures. A career can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever you design it to be.

Stepping back to get a true perspective of where you stand is an essential first step to take when experiencing this type of uncertainty. It’s important to recognise who you are, what you stand for and the value that you offer. It’s essential to explore and determine which pathways might be available to you. During this time of planning and navigating your career journey, a helping hand can give you a fresh and valuable perspective.

Get your free Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit

Our Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit is practical and helps identify where you are currently positioned in your career. Using our innovative career map, you can then start to visualise the career zones that you may pass through on your route to self-made success. The toolkit helps you to visualise paths and roadblocks on your career journey.

If you want to take some time to reflect on your current career and make sense of what could be your future, download your free Career Navigator Toolkit via the form below to kickstart the beginning of your self-made career.

Even more importantly, it’s essential to reach out to someone else who can help to see yourself and look at your career potential.

We want to help those who want to take more control of their careers and manage them like a business. If this sounds like you, get in touch with Self Makers today. Let’s chat.

Download your free Self Makers Career Navigator Toolkit below.


By Erin Gaiger

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