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Self Makers Show – Conor Lynch Archives

Self Makers Show – Conor Lynch Archives

Conor shares some of his personal archive interviews with some of Ireland’s most esteemed business professionals.

Within his 20 years of online business work, Conor has had the opportunity to speak with some of Ireland’s most esteemed entrepreneurs and business owners.

Here is a collection of Conor’s personal archive interviews with business professionals from varying industries, with different life experiences, and advice for budding entrepreneurs from his time as CEO oConnector Connector.

The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with a small veg shop and a big dream. Dave and Steve had been traveling the world and as twin power goes, on opposite sides of the world they switched to a plant-based diet within a week of each other. The Happy Pear seed was sown.

Brendan Courtney

Brendan Courtney is an Irish TV presenter, broadcaster & fashion designer. He has written many hit TV formats and made award-winning documentaries. He co-founded the fashion label Lennon Courtney in 2012 and he was the first openly gay presenter in Ireland. In this interview, we are joined by Lorna Duffy, from Fashion Boss.

Allan Dixon

Allan Dixon is a media strategist and environmental conservationist known for his unique approach to creating light-hearted, humorous content to promote wildlife. In an old interview when he was visiting Ireland, Allan spoke to Conor about his work and gives his tips on finding your business niche.

Matt Quigley

Irish yoga teacher and co-founder of @happyfoodbyyogahub Matt Quigley, sat down to talk to Conor about his whirlwind career and how he used nothing but the initiative to grow his business.

Larry Bass

Top television producer Larry Bass is well known for his production of mega-hit shows such as Popstars, You’re a Star and The Apprentice. A few years ago, he sat down with Conor to talk about his exciting career and how he became a successful professional in a turbulent industry.

John Fanning

John Fanning was the Managing Director of McConnells Advertising for nearly 20 years and is a well-known name in the advertising circuit. Then he lectured in Branding and Marketing Communications at the Smurfit Business School, John spoke to Conor a few years ago to impart some of his advice for being successful in the industry.

Dermot Hanrahan

Irish media guru Dermot Hanrahan sat down to chat with Conor a few years ago to discuss how he came to have a diverse collection of media jobs and shared his thoughts on the future of media.

Will Meara

Multi-hypenate, Will Meara, spoke to Conor about his success as a business owner, his travel, and everything that he has learned along the way.

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By Conor Lynch , Shannon Mountford

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