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How to make a self-made career in private and public business networking

How to make a self-made career in private and public business networking

Dr. Domingo Sanchez – Innovator – Networker – Entrepreneur

Dr. Domingo Sanchez is the President of ISAAAC, a non-profit initiative whose mission is to build global alliances and ecosystems of high-profile partners in academia, the industry and national governments, with a background in geology. Completing a PHD in Business Administration at Trinity College, Domingo carried out research in networks and innovation, and is now an expert in business acumen.

In an interview with Conor, Domingo talks about the roadmaps of business and opportunities, and how important connections are in growing your business.

Business is vertical

Domingo’s recommendation is that, as a business owner, you need to look ahead and understand the plans in the environment around your sector, in order to make good business decisions in the future, as they will have a knock on effect on you and your business too.

He said, “I think there are a lot of verticals that they need to be aware of, you know, I think is important to understand opportunities as cross value chains.”

Connections are engines

Speaking with Conor, Domingo emphasised the importance of connecting with like minded people and avoiding “characters that are sucking your energy” and focus on “people that are providing you with a lot of good motivation for your work and your project.”

Domingo uses the metaphor of connections as engines when discussing development in your career and says “it’s like fueling energy” to keep you motivated to keep going in your path.

Be organic

“I think to create a proper environment to be successful, is something valuable,” says Domingo. He reinforces that you need to build a business around something that you enjoy, and says that this way “you are starting organically to develop something.”

Look out for funding opportunities

Domingo says, “Don’t be afraid to use the public funding available” to help start-up your business. You can use these opportunities to network and connect with professionals with the same interests and experience.

“You will be surprised that the accessibility right now of people that want to collaborate, the public funding schemes, and the public funding programmes are a good opportunity also to start collaborations.”

Catch the full interview below to find out more.

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By Conor Lynch , Shannon Mountford

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