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How to build a team of specialist advisors – Amanda Scott

How to build a team of specialist advisors – Amanda Scott

Amanda Scott – Networker – Author – Entrepreneur

Amanda Scott-

Amanda Scott is a career coach and co-founder of Personal Boardroom, whose mission is to help people build their networks effectively to succeed in their careers. To this aim, she has co-authored the book ‘Who is in your Personal Boardroom?’ alongside business professor, Dr Zella King.

Amanda shared some of her advice about networking with Conor, building on her decade of experience as a career coach. Specifically, she highlighted how to identify the people that can help you succeed.

Three Key Roles

Firstly, the Personal Boardroom team has established three types of roles that people can play in your network. These are Information, Power, and Development roles.

Information: ‘people that are a source of new knowledge, new insight and new information’.

Power: ‘people that give you access to other people or resources, who can help you make decisions, and who enable and catalyse you’.

Development: ‘people that see you as a work in progress, who provide courage, balance, improvement and challenge’.

Diversify Your Network

In addition, Amanda highlighted the importance of connecting with people who ‘can disrupt your habitual ways of thinking and unlock new ways of thinking about problems that you might have’.

She commented that ‘we tend to focus and cluster on relationships which are similar and familiar to us’, but that these ‘don’t necessarily bring the kind of freshness and difference that a really flourishing or expanding network can do.’

Catch the full interview below to find out more about building the most effective network for your career.

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